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This year our Kinder’s ‘Grandparents Day’ looked quite different. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate our very important grandparents, so we decided to Zoom them in instead.


It was such a wonderful time for both our Kinder group and their grandparents. It also meant that those who had grandparents overseas could join in on this special day. Thanks to all the grandparents that made this possible. Technology has certainly helped us stay connected!

Building a "Savannah" in our Kinder Room - November 2020 

Science Week - September 2020

To celebrate Science Week, we welcomed Scientists Erin and Jack back to MPCC, but this time through Zoom! Our kids worked on three experiments: making ‘Talking Cups’, blowing up a balloon using just a water bottle, bicarb and vinegar, as well as making their very own lava lamp. It was a massive hit! The kids loved every second of using simple ingredients that can be found around the house for their experiments. A big thanks to Scientists Erin and Jack for making Science fun, as well as the kids and their parents for getting involved. We loved it!

Keeping Connected in Uncertain Times - September 2020 

This year our Kinder’s ‘Grandparents Day’ looked quite different. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate our very important grandparents, so we decided to Zoom them in instead.


It was such a wonderful time for both our Kinder group and their grandparents. It also meant that those who had grandparents overseas could join in on this special day. Thanks to all the grandparents that made this possible. Technology has certainly helped us stay connected!

Keeping Busy during Lockdown - August 2020

Are you looking for an easy and fun activity to do with your little one during lockdown? One of our kids' parents heard about a '3-Ingredient Homemade Slime' and decided to give it a go. The toddler in question LOVED the process of making the slime (which felt like a science experiment) and the actual slime has kept him busy for hours on end. Slime is excellent for the development of fine motor skills, hand strength, and is also a great sensory processing activity. Take a look at the recipe from 'I heart Naptime'. We miss you all and hope you are finding moments to enjoy this time together. Please share pics of your Slime making fun in the comments below ;).

WARNING: Do not put this slime on any wooden furniture/objects - it discolours the wood. So instead use a placemat or plastic tablecloth.

Pizza Making in the Kinder Room - June 2019

Today the children were invited to make their own pizza for lunch, encouraging a sense of responsibility and independence.

The children used an English muffin as base and chose from a selection of healthy toppings. The children were encouraged to use tongs to pick up their chosen toppings, as using tongs is so good for building hand strength which is essential for when the children are at school and learning to write!!

The pizzas were enjoyed by the children outside, followed by a delicious cup of custard.

Mother's Day Morning Tea - May 2019

On Saturday 4th May the Kindergarten children were invited to attend Kinder with a family member to contribute to the making of their Mother's Day gift. They were invited to use fabric paints and/or fabric textas to decorate one side of a calico bag together. 

The child decorated the other side of the bag during the week so it could be a surprise! The bag was gifted to mum, in wrapping paper made by them and with a card.


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Outcome 1. Identity. Children feel safe, secure and supported.

Outcome 4. Active Learning. Children develop dispositions of learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence,  creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity.

Update from the Kinder Room - Term One 2019

We began Term 1 in the Kinder Room reading stories and engaging in many discussions which related to how the children say goodbye to their families. We would like all children to feel happy about coming to Kinder, and comfortable in the learning and caring environment we have created together. Educators documented their perspective on their own way of saying goodbye to their families and began observing the children as they arrive at Kinder in the mornings. We are becoming aware of any children and/or families who require additional support with separation and putting strategies in place to support them.


We have introduced several experiences relating to the Chinese New Year. The children were invited to make red and gold lanterns which we are hanging in the Kinder Room. They are playing with the kitchen resources added to the home area (chopsticks and bowls, silk robes, and red envelopes and coins). The children have also been using small puppets to explore the Chinese Zodiac story. The children seem to have taken great pleasure in learning which animal they resemble according to the Chinese Zodiac.

Babies and Toddlers on the Move! - February 2019

What an exciting experience our children had in front of them; a ride in our new 4-seater pram!

The ratio for this experience is 1 educator to 4 children. We have two prams, allowing a total of 8 children to be taken out at one time.

Water bottles, snacks, nappies, sunscreen, hats, suitable clothing and will set us up on our journey.

As part of our excursion policy, parent’s will also be notified before each walk and upon arrival back to day-care.

We are so fortunate to have the prams and to be able to include them in our daily program; allowing children to go out on a walk with an educator whenever the chance is presented.   

The walks may be (with one educator) along Acacia Avenue or (with two educators) to an open park space / footy ground, for a kick of a ball and a stretch of the legs.

The new prams will allow our children to experience their local community and the world around from their base here at day-care.   

Investing in these prams was an important aspect of our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP); seeing where we can make improvements to better provide for and meet our children's needs.   

The learning from this will be invaluable, including intentional teaching of; road rules and safe walking (stop the pram, look and listen, “look both ways (left and right) before crossing a road”, “red means stop, green means go, yellow means to slow”), categorizing vehicles, noticing colours, finding animals, language skills, socialisation skills, and so on.


Early Years Learning Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

“Broaden their understanding of the world in which they live.”
“Begin to recognise that they have a right to belong to many communities.”
“Broaden their understanding of the world in which they live.”
“Demonstrate a sense of belonging and comfort in their environments.”

Update from the Kinder Room - Term Three

The children have spent a lot of time drawing this term. They drew a friend for National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day, they drew on tiles for their gift to dad or a special family member, they drew pictures of all the different things they could think of for letter of the week, they drew designs of a scarecrow to scare away the possums who are eating all the veges in our garden, and they were recently invited to draw themselves for our current display in the Kinder Room.


We have acknowledged and celebrated National Science Week, and had Monash University Scientists Jack and Erin come and conduct a Science Show, as well as a past parent Svetlana who has started her own business conducting Science Shows for children. The experiments they demonstrated led to many interesting experiences being explored. For example, magnets, bubbles and dish washing detergent were incorporated into our program.


We have been on several walks down to Southern Road Reserve (and hope to do this more as the weather becomes a bit nicer) to visit the playground, and just last week the Thursday group walked to Thrift Park Woolworths and went on a Discovery Tour. In the Kinder Room, we have been encouraging name writing, whole body listening and being kind and respectful to our friends.


Next term begins on Monday 8th October and we have our much anticipated Beach Kinder experience on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th October to look forward to! There will be no Show and Share next term, so please encourage your children to keep their belongings at home. Transition Statements for those going to school next year will be written in the next few weeks so please keep an eye out for those as there is a section that families will need to complete too, and if you haven't already please let me know which school you have decided on for your child so that we can support the transition the best we can.


As always, if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Feel free to have a look through your child's portfolio, just ask your child to show you if you don't know where to find it!! :)


Thank you for your ongoing support of our Kinder program.

The Kindergarten children participated in our 'Beach Kinder' excursion and experience.

They spent two whole days at the Parkdale Beach and Yacht Club enjoying and exploring the local sand and sea.


Aside from running on the sand, building sandcastles and dipping their toes in the water, the children participated in two incursions.


On Thursday the children were visited by Seaweed Sally who discussed and shared sea creatures that were both living and non-living. Children had the opportunity to see the creatures up close and touch them!


On Friday the children were visited by Bec from Core24 Gym in Frankston who used the 'Kids Alive - Do the Five' initiative to discuss and explore water safety. Children practised pretending to save each other using flotation devices and practised using loud voices to call for help!

Grandparents Day in the Kinder Room - October 2020 

We love planning activities around our children’s interests! Recently one of our parents let us know that their child was interested in giraffes, so we invited the child to help set up a giraffe habitat in the Kinder room. This new habitat sparked great excitement and interest from the other Kinder children. We have now extended this habitat by adding more animals to our "savannah". Last week we made some animals at the collage table to add to this space. The children were kind enough to leave their animal creations at Kinder so that everyone could enjoy them.

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