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About Us

A Community Kinder Feel.
Long Day Care to Suit Your Family's Needs.

At Mentone Park Pre School & Child Care, each child is given lots of opportunity to play, laugh, share, hug, love, create, roll, run, jump, crawl, walk, sleep, rest, experiment, imagine, dance, listen, sing - just like children need to do!

Child playing safely. enjoying time on a trampoline. trees in the background.
And best of all they experience these wonders with only 34 other special children.

  • Individual care for children from infants to school age

  • Above regulation child/staff ratios

  • Qualified Early Childhood Educators

  • Children are given the opportunity to develop according to their individual needs

  • A non-stress centre where children are happy and relaxed

  • Kindergarten sessions each day

  • Recognised music program, "Little Feet Music"

  • Early Learning Language Australia (ELLA program)

Mentone Park Child Care and Pre School caters for children from

6 months old to 4 year old kindergarten. .

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