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Beach Kinder

At Mentone Park Pre School & Child Care, we are able to offer the children many learning experiences and environments.

Kindergarten children participate in a beach kinder program at Parkdale Yacht Club. We spend two full days at the beach using the facilities of the club. The purpose of this program is to offer the children an opportunity to learn about marine life and environment, coastal vegetation and our indigenous environment. We are located in the Bayside area, the beach and marine park reflects our local environment and is part of our community.


At Mentone Park Childcare & Pre School we support sustainability and the protection of the marine environment. Our program engages children in active learning and further develops the children’s understanding and knowledge on taking care of our marine life and the beach environment.


The children are engaged in hands on experiences where they develop an understanding on how to protect our marine life and coastal environment. The children also gain a greater insight into water safety and practical experiences are offered, which gives our children a greater understanding of how important it is to be safe in and around the water.


We engage with marine and water safety professionals who work collaboratively with our educators to provide a quality program for the early learners at our beach kinder program.

To enquire about enrolling your child, call 9584 2768.

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